Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

A Deep Dive Into 10 Good Reasons

1. The Software is Free and Open-Source

Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are completely free to use. You can learn about the difference between the two here, but in short, WordPress.org is a self-hosted version where you control more of your site and take advantage of advanced plugins. WordPress.com works great for complete beginners, but it’s not exactly the best for a business that plans on making money so moving away from WordPress.com makes sense. It does have higher paid plans, but we recommend it for personal and hobby blogs.

2. It reigns supreme on the CMS market

WordPress is not just the most popular CMS, it actually blows the competition out of the water. Usage statistics from W3Techs WordPress is used by 59.5% of all the websites that use a content management system (CMS). The second most used CMS, Joomla has a 5.9% market share. Closely followed by Drupal, with a 4.9% market share and Magento’s 2.8%.

3. Search engine friendly

Out of the box WordPress is SEO friendly. Popular search engines, like Google and Bing, tend to rank websites that use WordPress higher than those that don’t. This is because the CMS’ framework makes it easy for the search engines’ spiders to crawl. In fact, Matt Cutts of Google personally endorsed WordPress in 2009.

4. Adaptability

The fact that WordPress is so adaptable cannot be taken for granted. WordPress is flexible enough to accommodate all needs through its extensions and plugins, whether you’re using the CMS for a small business website, personal blog or an ecommerce website.

5. Customizable

You can make your WordPress theme look any way you want with a customized theme. You can use one of the many it provides, or buy one of the various premium themes developed by third parties. You can also add and extend certain features to make the website function and perform just the way you want.

6. Mobile friendly

Google is penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by ranking them lower on their result pages. With WordPress, you don’t have to overhaul your entire site to make it accessible on tablets and smartphones, since most themes are automatically responsive. WordPress also has an option for websites to be viewed in “mobile view” for themes that aren’t responsive.

7. Extensible with plugins

That means you can add cool functionality to your site without needing to know how to code. WordPress’ massive plugin ecosystem beats out all of the other content management systems. These numbers are just for the official extension directories, and leave out additional extensions offered by third-parties.

8. Sources of support

There is loads of help to be found online, a simple Google search for wordpress + the the problem you’re facing is likely to pull up guides and tutorials to help you solve your problem. Even better, the forums they provide allow users to help each other out, creating a very interactive community.

9. Integration

WordPress integrates with many popular 3rd-party platforms to make your website more modern. There are plenty of plugins that let you easily send out email campaigns and newsletters. There are plugins that allow you to accept credit card payments for an ecommerce site. There are plugins for just about every kind of function you want to add to your site.

10. Universal dashboard

Because the WordPress dashboard looks the same on every platform, confusion is eliminated. You can add things to your dashboard, like daily stats, lists of new posts, recent comments and news updates.

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